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Posted by Drag0n-PrincesS - December 6th, 2021

Choice made, comic hiatus, and opening commissions.

Ya'll have no idea how much I'm struggling with both my comer and the tablet is also not working properly?!?! it's only a year old too!!! I might have to reinstal my old table, unless it was this old laptop al along, I'll have to see, I'm struggling to paint to a degree, though I can still technically do it, but not without having some nerves ticked in the process >:-C

So the comic will be into a "hiatus" tbh this comic is going at a snails pace that kills me at the same time lmao! I wanna get to the spooky stuff already, but I want to get enough money to at least get a new tablet IF both tablets do the sepukku on me, and some for a new computer holy shit! way to many technical problems, and you'd have a heart attack if you were to see the screen..... it's like pretty broken lmao, but that was before.

---Interaction and other content!

People, would you like me to interact with ya'll a lot more? what would you like to see more from me? studies, fanart? fanfiction even! (I do have a cou'ple of stuff accumulating dust as a matter of fact) ahaha, me telling about my boring ass day or week idk, or something I watched, like animus, cartoon,s movies, etc. Maybe a bit more of the stuff I like or dislike!

Also would you like to see more shitposting from me? I do have several in mind hahaha!

Or would you like to see my pretty oc? i mean some do like that stuff, but plox donnut steel!

Would you like to have like status updates/journals asking YOU my viewers questions on your life, fav animal, crazy topics, etc. (This one might be fun, and something I keep forgetting, damn it youtube y u distract me!)

---Suggestions and hlep!! (if someone understands were that hlep comes from, ten pints to yo griffindor or some shit)

Would you like me to do like idk, montly requests? or perhaps would you suggest I do addopts, though to be fair I would love that, I love my characters to much lmao, I will always find a way to incorporate into a story :'D like what type of content do you think it'd help me grow, ya know, though i don't think all suggestions work for everyone lmao.


...Sorry to hear that. Perhaps I can talk to you; If you don't mind the company.

haha, talk or chat? unless you speak to the mind lmao!
I'm fine just frustrated as all hell because tablet was acting up!
though commissions should be a helping hand in all of this shitstorm!
And the talking stuff, I'd just love to interact with my followers a bit more :3
like what do you do as human?!?! ya kno!