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I am a storyteller and an illustrator,
love all sorts of critters and monsters !

25, Female

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mexico a webo!

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To nuke it all and restart all over again, or make other accounts? (the nuke part not really) I've noticed that there is a contrast betwee content, on one side there's a lot of cutesy stuff, and on the other there's a weird storytelling that hasn't quite gotten to the horror point and pretty weird content. So what do you all think? make two accounts, one for more horror and creppy stuff (though mostly stories so far) and the other one for the rest of my artwork, the child friendly stuff and nicer illustrations??? OR don't give two fucks this is who I am I like the cute and the bad >:D!Or make something separate, like an account exclusively for the story and leave my galery as normal over here.


Open for sketch commissions! with lot's of pretty swirls!


Wowie, didn't expect the picture to be this big!!!

Anyways, My apoloies for the wall of text! but it told me to be a detailed!

I am drag0n-princess and the only reason I'm opening commissions it's because.... well :'v I need a new computer! but I do hope to have fun :3

  • Notas: Puedo hablar español, si quiere que le tradusca cualquier información le puedo ayudar con eso :D!

- Can do's

Humans, Creatures, Criters, Animals, Pet's, Desings from Fantasy to Horror, even Mechas! I fear no subject or genre!!!

Also Fanarts, totally doable.

Other artsytles, I can modify it a bit to look more like anime, semi-reamis and something cutesy (kinda like children's book illustration) beyond that, it's a death sentence!

I can also do ships, but only cannon stuff, don't be like "it's cannon cuz I say so, I'll do my research, they have to be a current couple or have been a couple in whatever the characters have come from

- Can't do's

Gore (Violent ways of showing organs and other body parts, like chopped up limbs and whatever horrible ways you can do with these, organs on their own, nice and healthy are fine, in fact it's kinda cool B-D)

Pornographic and Erotic content, just no, but I can do sexy poses as long as it doesn't put enphasis (like close ups or a dude/ette only showing boooty) I can do pin ups, but please :v be mature about it, act normal or I'll block you, you'd be surprised, some people aren't fucking normal adults about this!


Send as many as you can, if you can't draw, go to google images and go go go! the more the merrier!

And If it's an oc of yours, send whatever you can :D!

But don't send nsfw pics, unless you wanna speed run getting blocked by me lmao!


I'll leave a link to a queue I made on tumblr, DON'T WORRY you don't need an account (it was done this way ecause that's the only way I knew of editing almost in real time), this is so you can check where you are in queue and how long it will take to get your commission aproximately. (queue link!)

Do be patient! it doesn't take nearly as long but it ain't as fast as you think!


Too expensive?

Well actually that's just the average from many examples I've seen, I think this is fair and square and I've gotten previous feedback and apparently it was too cheap haha! it is what it is :)

Too cheap?

well I won't know how to awnser to that hahahaha!


You gotta be an adult OR someone with adult suppervision, Payments are done trough paypal.me or an invoice sent to your e-mail in case you don't have a paypal account. No points or other currency accepted, only in American Dollars or USD.

Also payment upfront, but don't worry I give you money back :3 if you decide to cancel or if I took to long! (over a month!) ( :v I've been scammed by a commission artist I know what it feels darlings.)

Also if you are struggling, you can pay up half to start it, and the last half to getyour commissions delivered once it's finished, this is another option :3


Those will be made during the process, I will not make them after the full process has finished, the payment, in other words you'll be getting several updates on your commission and it's process and will be given several options (like colour palettes and the sort) for you to choose :) and I'll give you an extra day in case you wanna change something haha :3.


You can contact me trough DM/(private message/chat/whatchucallit) or at discord with "Drag0nPrincesS-Bizzmode#2635"

Extra details.

You can stop the commissions at any point you desire, of course you will not get the piece and that'll be that. 

I'm also free to cancel a negotiation if I'm feelin too uncofortable, make sure to keep personal bussiness out of the negotiation!

The final product will be posted to my social media, no extra money will stop me from doing so! haha!

I do accept tips :3!

Also if you like how I work, recommend me :D!!!